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I'm an investor and writer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. After graduating with a history degree in 2003, I started from scratch in finance and have spent the last 20+ years learning, improving, and teaching. Writing publicly about investing since 2006 accelerated my development, including my book, Keeping Your Dividend Edge (2016), and hundreds of blog posts and articles for sites such as Morningstar, Investor's Chronicle (UK), the CFA Institute, and The Motley Fool.

My philosophy is rooted in a simple (yet hard to do) principle: investing in companies with economic moats, managed by dedicated and capable stewards, at attractive prices, and then - critically - not getting in the way of that combination as it compounds value over time. 

In August 2017, I published a diagram of my investing philosophy that was widely shared on Twitter. Below is my updated version with some minor changes.

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I've spent eight years on the buy-side as a generalist analyst at Ensemble Capital and Johnson Investment Counsel and have nearly four years of sell-side experience at Morningstar where I led the company's equity stewardship methodology and covered companies in the basic materials, consumer, and industrial sectors. Before my time in institutional research, I was an analyst, newsletter editor, and writer for The Motley Fool, supported private wealth managers at SunTrust Asset Management, and was a licensed representative at Vanguard.

I’m a finance lecturer and the Director of the Hanley Center for ESG Investing at The University of Dayton.

In 2024, I launched KNA Capital Management, where I serve as the President and CIO.

I'm a proud graduate of Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, where I majored in history and minored in economics. I'm a lifelong Cincinnati Reds & Bengals fan and support Fulham FC in English football.

You can read some of my earlier writing here and contact me by email if you have any questions.

It’s great to have you on board.

Stay patient, stay focused.


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Investor and writer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Focused on finding businesses with economic moats and led by thoughtful stewards of capital.